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Root Canal Therapy

What is Root Canal Therapy?

The removal of tooth pulp including the diseased nerves and blood vessels of a tooth followed by the filling of the root canals (now empty areas) with a special sealer to prevent future infections.

Who does a root canal therapy benefit?

There are several reasons why someone would benefit from root canal therapy. First, if tooth decay has reached the living tissue inside of tooth (tooth pulp). Second, if an infection has developed inside or at the tip of a root, and lastly if a tooth has experienced injury or trauma.

How is it done?

First the tooth is cleaned and a rubber dam is placed inside your mouth to protect the tooth from wetness caused by saliva. Next Dr. Ona will remove the tooth decay, pulp, nerve tissue, and infection causing bacteria in the area. The tooth is cleaned once again and a special sealer is used to fill the affected area. In order to further strengthen the tooth a crown is recommended that will protect the tooth from breaking and restore it to full use.