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What are Dentures

Dentures are a removable full or partial set of artificial teeth.

Who benefits from having dentures?

A wide variety of people benefit from dentures. If all of the upper or lower teeth are missing or need to be replaced, a complete or full denture is made. If several of the upper or lower teeth are lost, a partial denture can be made.

How are dentures made?

It generally requires several appointments over several weeks to complete the denture process. On the first visit, impressions are made of your teeth and measurements are taken to ensure proper fit and style for your dentures. Over the course of your next visits, you will have trial sessions where Dr. Ona will re-check and adjust the shape, fit and, if necessary, the coloration of the dentures. On your final visit, the dentures will be precisely placed and checked again to ensure a proper fit and finish.

Longevity and maintenance

Dr. Ona will provide you with specific instructions about how to care for your dentures. Dentures will last many years, but eventually they may have to be readjusted, repaired, or even remade. This is due to normal wear and normal changes in the ridge height of your mouth.