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What is Snap-On-Smile?

Snap-On-Smile is a thin, specialized resin material that is fabricated to snap over your actual teeth and can be removed like any dental appliance. Snap-on-Smile can be made as thin as .5mm without compromising strength. Its simple patented design allows you to eat without impinging upon the gums. 

Who will benefit from Snap-On-Smile?

If stains, chips, missing teeth or other imperfections have you hiding your smile, Snap-On-Smile is perfect for you. Snap-On-Smile can provide the beautiful smile you have always longed for.

How is it done?

After your consultation, upper and lower impressions of your teeth will be taken. Then you and Dr. Ona will choose from 23 color shades and 18 smile designs. Lastly, your case is sent to Snap-On-Smile Creations for fabrication. Within 4 weeks, your beautiful smile is ready to wear.