May 26‚ 2016
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Mini Implants
What are Mini Implants?
A mini implant is an ultra small implant that is used as an attachment between your bone structure and your denture. It provides a comfortable fit and optimal retention.

Who does a Mini Implant benefit?
A mini implant benefits anyone who is currently wearing a denture or will be needing a denture in the future. It is common for denture wearers to suffer from degenerative bone loss caused by ill fitting, loose dentures. Constant friction and rubbing against the soft gum tissue produces sore spots which can cause discomfort. The absence of natural teeth triggers skrinkage of the ridge, gum and underlying bone. Combined with the pressure of a hard denture base, there is further shrinkage. Both factors contribute to a poor denture fit and loss of denture retention.
Mini implants help slow bone shrinkage, provide retention, cushions and stabilizes dentures and can be used with either new OR existing dentures.

How is a Mini Implant done?
Because of their ultra small size, mini implants do NOT require surgical incision into the gum tissue. The mini implants are the attachment between your bone structure and your denture. A soft, elastic, silicone liner is fitted into your exisiting or new denture. The liner acts as a cushion between the denture and your gums and fits securely around the implants. The result - a comfortable fit and optimal retention. The entire procedure is quick, pain free and affordable.


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