May 24‚ 2016
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Cosmetic Dentures
What are Crowns?
The crown of your tooth is the visible top or the area of the tooth that is above the gum line. A dental crown (commonly called a crown or cap) is a replacement of the top of the tooth if it has been worn away by decay, fractured off or been endodontically treated.

Who does a Crown benefit?
Anyone with extensive damage or a generally weak tooth will benefit from the protection given by the covering nature of a crown. Dr. Ona is the best judge of when you would need a crown and it is best to trust his or her judgment.

How is it done?
Dr. Ona will remove any decay and prepare the tooth for a crown to be fit over your tooth. Then an impression is made of the prepared tooth and is given to a dental technician who in turn makes the replacement crown. During this process a temporary crown will be temporarily placed over the prepared tooth to provide it protection from the environment. Once the permanent crown is finished, and the temporary is removed, it is rechecked to ensure proper fit and then is cemented over the prepared tooth.


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