Meet the Doctor

Dr. Suzzette Lirio Ona

Dr. Suzzette Lirio Ona, D.M.D received a B.A. in Biochemistry from Mount Holyoke College in 1989 and went on to work as a chemist/biochemist until 1994. After her work as a chemist she attended Harvard School of Dental Medicine and graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1998. She then went on to do a year of residency at the University of Washington Hospital where she worked in depth treating medically, mentally, and physically challenged adults and children in the operating room and in an emergency room setting.

Dr. Ona has been practicing as a member of the American Dental Association for 18 years. After her residency in Washington, she and her husband decided to settle in Michigan. Prior to setting up her own practice she worked four days a week in a cosmetic practice as an associate of Dr. Greg Weaver. On Fridays she worked treating patients with disabilities in the office of Dr. John Stepanovich who had a practice located on the Mercy Health campus. About one year later Dr. Ona opened her own office and she has owned her own practice, Healthy Smile, for the last 16 years and counting.

In 2014 Dr. Stepanovich retired and was concerned about who would take care of his patients. Mercy Health decided to open a clinic to pick up where he left off and they recruited Dr. Ona to be the lead dentist for the start up of the dental clinic for Mercy Health of Grand Rapids. Her time spent setting up this clinic re-inspired her to focus her attentions on patients with disabilities. She has always had a special connection with the patients with disabilities in her own practice and they adore her.

Currently she is working on a project to improve the availability and quality of dental and oral healthcare for patients with disabilities in the greater Grand Rapids area. She hopes to increase awareness of the need for these individuals and inspire other dentists to join her in these efforts.

Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Mount Holyoke College

University of Washington