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Fresh Breath & White Smile

Fresh Breath and White Smile

With upcoming graduations, open houses, weddings and other wonderful spring and summer activities no one wants to experience bad breath and a less than white smile.  Here at Healthy Smile we want to help! We encourage our patients to maintain a regular cleanings and offer many services such as whitenings and cosmetic dentistry to assist in making your smile ready for any upcoming activities.

The staff at Healthy Smile also want their patients to feel welcome to call and ask questions if they are concern with bad breath as having bad breath can actually be an indicator of a more serious dental conditions. Dr. Suzzette Ona is always ready to help, she can rule out any oral health problems, like gum disease and/or tooth decay. She may also refer you to your physician to check for other medical causes or go over your medications.  Along with our wonderful team of hygienists and getting cleanings that can remove hardened plaque, or tartar, along and beneath your gum line, where bacteria can hide.   Healthy Smile always encourages good oral hygiene!

Here are 4 tips to combat Bad Breath:

  • Maintain your regular cleaning and exams
  • Brush and Floss twice a day everyday
  • Avoid certain odor causing food and drinks
  • Avoid or limit tobacco use

We welcome our current patients! To those looking for a new dental home please call the office for a new patient visit 616-281-8338.

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