Why can’t I just have a regular cleaning?

At Healthy Smile we want the absolute best for our patients and sometimes that means a regular cleaning is not enough.

During your annual exam your hygienist will check for pockets in gums by measuring the depth of the space between your teeth and gums. When you hear the hygienist calling out numbers during gum measurements, you want to hear the lowest numbers. Based on these number, the dentist and hygienist will determine which type of cleaning is best for  you oral health.

If your numbers are within the normal and healthy range, a regular cleaning is recommended to maintain the mouth and gums healthy and these visits are every 6 months.

If these pockets measure at certain depth and along with the x-rays that help diagnose the progression of bone loss, and the buildup of calculus. These x-rays also show the size of the pockets between your gums and teeth, where the bacteria collect and  can cause infection.


You may be diagnosed with periodontal or gum disease. This will require a deep cleaning to remove bacteria, tartar and any buildup in those pockets. This may require multiple visits, longer appointments, and possible anesthesia. Depending on the severity of the periodontal disease, Dr. Ona may refer you to a periodontist.

Although you may want to just have a regular cleaning, the dentist and hygienist may refuse to do so.  There primary duty is to protect your oral health and abide by the dentistry standard of care, which regulates what kind of treatment we can provide based on the condition of a person’s oral health.Providing excellent care and abiding by the highest standard of dental  care is one of the ways we strive to be outstanding for each and everyone of our wonderful patients.

As always at Healthy Smile if you have any questions or simply want more information, please contact us at  616-281-8338.